It's always heart-rending to see the caring and enterprising doctors not able to give their best due to the discrepancies, incoherence and the subjective interpretations in the old clinical notes of a patient.

The immediate solution lies in the standardization of the clinical communication language in the whole clinical pipeline, encompassing all the stakeholders.

But medical coding of the clinical text has been a tough nut to crack due to the inherent language complexities.

For the same reasons, the doctors in the small towns have shied away from the standardization, leaving it to only a handful of dedicated large institutions pursuing it seriously.

ALT2, a startup, specializing in NLP and computer vision, conceived to simplify the complex processes in the healthcare domain, developed its own NLP based clinical text processing engine using SNOMED, ICD-10, LOINC, RxNORM as the foundational blocks and democratizing the medical coding through a cloud-native service - ALT2MedCoding, with the active guidance of the experienced medical professionals.

As mentioned earlier, SIMPLICITY is our motto and the ambassador of our Design Thinking.


Prabhat MOHANTY - Founder and Ideator || Chandra - Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer || Satya Mishra - Lead Developer