Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any HUMAN-IN-LOOP to take care of the special need during medcoding?

Yes. the ALT2MedCoding process Engine, though NLP powered, being a blended system, also has the HUMAN-IN-LOOP possibilities to take care any special and local need.

As an administrator, can I do "Query Search" and filter out like "all cases of burn", if I simply do the standardized medical coding without entering the information into a separate database?

Fully automated ALT2MedCoding Bot can do the analytics on the large fully coded clinical document repository, in a remote cloud drive, without storing the information separately in a database, build intelligence for a quick managerial/administrative decision through a comprehensive dashboard. But to accommodate various EHR, we also generate granular data in standard JSON format so that you can plug-in to any EHR.

Are you willing to help with medcoding in languages other than English?

We can take up SNOMED coding services if it's available in your language. We are willing to devote time and energy if you have a particular idea and request. NOTE : We are already proactively testing the platform with a few selective International languages, other than English. The initial results with the stand-alone and mixed language models are very promising. We are willing to collaborate in Chinese, Korean, Arabic languages for our next phase of development whenever the full dataset of SNOMED is available in respective languages. But the basic language coding for the clinical text has been tested successfully. we will adhere to the licensing policies of SNOMED diligently in this aspect, when the need arises. But the technical core competencies are being developed proactively, on a parallel track and with very promising results.

What is the billing mechanism?

ALT2MedCoding bills as per the total characters processed in each document. This makes the system transparent and auditable for all stakeholders.

Can you process large number of free-form clinical text?

Yes. We are ready with a large document processing pipeline, each document uniquely coded/numbered for any future modification.