ALT2MedCoding adheres to the standards specified in the International Edition of SNOMED while processing the clinical text. The NLP based modern automatic SNOMED coding engine processes the 'free form' clinical text, 'procedurally', taking the raw, unstructured, clinical text as the input, putting it through many layers of "right and structured sequential processing for desired outcome" and finally offering the SNOMED SCTID embedded structured, audit-able output in the long plain TXT/PDF/DOCX format or database pluggable output in JSON format without any manual intervention, sometimes, even taking the unique, local / institutional special practices, if needed, into account. ALT2MedCoding offers all the benefits of SNOMED CT to the healthcare professionals without any additional professional training or hassles, on their finger tips with just a single click.

During the processes, this powerful SNOMED auto coding engine can also take care of the slight noise, the difficult cases like Negation/Pseudo Negation/Double Negation, different types of assertions, complex multi-clause clinical text, special situational alerts e.g. advanced age, pregnancy, shortness of breath or loss of taste ( during COVID-19), size of tumor (soon), absolute/relative time references, drug/dosage references, if desired.

In our "federated blended system", while the major part remains highly automated driven by a strong, multi-faceted, modern NLP engine, the provision is also available for the intervention by the specialists, collaborating remotely, seamlessly, in the special cases.

The system can process both template based or simple free flowing long descriptive or telegraphic assertions in short length free form clinical text.

The system is designed to process a large number of documents in the batch mode, remotely, in the cloud, taking the inputs from a remote cloud drive and also delivering the output to a protected cloud drive. However, the individuals and small institutions can use a web based interface to process the clinical text. We simply need a few good, representative samples to set up the customized processes for any healthcare professional/institution.

Our special remote document scanner can query and process the large repository of the post-coordinated SNOMED documents in a remote cloud drive and retrieve the records for the specific queries in a structured dashboard for the administrators.

Inviting tricky clinical text for SNOMED coding test:

We are committed to SNOMED as one of the preferred standards for the clinical text processing. We would love the healthcare professionals opt for SNOMED even in the small and remote cities and towns thus making the digital health ecosystem more democratic. Our NLP based SNOMED CT auto coding system is designed to help the independent healthcare professionals and small hospitals in the small cities and towns adopt SNOMED. We love challenges. Please send any tricky clinical text to test with our NLP based SNOMED coding system. When we solve the problem, the doctors don't have to waste their valuable time. We rather work harder now than seeing the healthcare professionals struggle later, again and again, across the institutions, across the cities.

Please write to with your sample tricky clinical text for SNOMED coding test with the help of our NLP based coding engine.